Monday, June 2, 2014

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Over the past few weeks we've been learning about the life cycle of butterflies.  We welcomed thirteen hungry caterpillars into our classroom and have been watching them closely, documenting their activity and changes from caterpillar to butterfly.  You can follow their journey with us by visiting the display board outside the classroom.

We also spent an afternoon looking closely at some gorgeous books by Northwest Coast Native artists.  We focused on the shapes that were used, particularly in the butterflies.  Then the students created their own butterflies.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lettuce Tasting and Foods with Moods

During our Growing Chefs session this week, we trimmed some of our arugula to taste.  The plants are still young and growing but we were able to cut some of the leaves off with scissors. The chefs brought other kinds of lettuce for the class to taste too.  Some children were more adventurous as others, but most tasted at least a couple!

We also read, How Are You Peeling?  Foods with Moods!  Everyone got to create their own veggie with a mood.  Then students wrote about about their creations and the feelings/moods they depicted.  Some even had names!

from the book...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We love Mies Van Hout's book, Happy, chock full of colourful fish showing different emotions. The children loved guessing what emotion each fish was showing as we turned the pages.  We discussed colours and feelings and expressions.  Then, the class created their own fish with chalk pastels.  


Mies Van Hout wrote and illustrated a second book called Friends, this time with two characters. The friends in this book play, fight, tease, laugh, cry and everything in between.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Happy Mother's Day!

The children loved assembling and personalizing their very own terrariums for mom.  First we looked at lots of photographs of different types of terrariums for inspiration.  Then, they followed simple instructions to create the layers in their very own tiny ecosystems.  Lots of fun was had and boy were they excited to give them to mom!  Aren't they beautiful?

Tops and Bottoms

We have been learning a lot about vegetables.  We know that root vegetables grow underground.

We read a book called, Tops and Bottoms, by Janet Stevens.  In the story, Hare tries to solve his family’s problems by tricking his rich and lazy neighbour, Bear.  Tops & Bottoms celebrates the trickster tradition of using one’s wits to overcome hardship.  Afterwards, we created our own root veggie gardens by sketching, outlining and painting.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Transplanting and Composting

The last two Growing Chefs visits involved transplanting and composting.  All of our veggies are growing...slowly.  They would like more sun/light than they're getting, especially when the metal shutter closes after school and on the weekend.  We're going to try moving some of the plants to an uncovered window over the weekend.  Fingers crossed our greens will be a little happier!

April 17th - First visit - Day 1

April 29th - Second visit - Day 12

pole beans and peas

transplanting and staking some beans

some beans were moved to an outside planter box

May 6th:  Third visit - Day 26